Allan E. Rodriguez, MD

Professor of Clinical Medicine
University of Miami Miller
School of Medicine
Miami, Florida

Allan E. Rodriguez, MD is a Professor of Clinical Medicine in the division of Infectious Diseases with a secondary appointment in the Department of Public Health Sciences. Currently, he leads the Behavioral/Social Science and Community Outreach Core (BSSCO) and the HIV Prevention and Health Equity Scientific Area of Research Group of the Miami Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) at the University of Miami. Dr. Rodriguez is the Operational Director of the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center (UM/JMMC) Adult HIV Outpatient Clinic; the clinic serves over 3,200 HIV-infected patients (40% women; 61% black; 35% Hispanic). His main areas of research are in the behavioral and clinical sciences in HIV-infected populations. His focus is on interventions targeting disadvantaged patients including minorities, women, substance users and persons with mental health problems to reduce health disparities. Dr. Rodriguez has extensive experience with clinical and behavioral research as a Principal Investigator, co-PI and co-Investigator on multiple federally funded grants focusing on access to care, retention in care for HIV-infected patients and HIV-prevention. His current main active research focuses on HIV prevention, retention in care, understanding individual and systemic/structural factors that put patients at disproportionate HIV/AIDS risk, and interventions to reduce health disparities in the progress along the HIV care continuum.

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